Stella Diagnostics


Optimizing Patient Management Strategies for Esophageal Diseases

Stella Diagnostics, Inc. (OTC: SLDX) is a molecular diagnostics-based organization focused on improving patient management strategies for over 60 million people living with severe esophageal disease. Stella Diagnostic's mass spec proteomic assays will offer physicians insight into the molecular properties of their patients’ tissue to determine if the disease is stable, progressing or turning cancerous. Stella Diagnostics is developing first-line diagnostic tools that provides superior molecular information for providers as compared to the current standard screening protocols.

See Beyond Routine Gross & Microscopic Screening of Esophageal Diseases

  • Esophageal adenocarcinoma is the deadliest and has the highest increased rate of incidence of any cancer in the United States.

  • The overall survival rate of esophageal cancer from the day of diagnosis is just 13 months.

  • The current pathology standard of screening for these diseases is gross and microscopic inspection of precancerous esophageal biopsies (Barrett's esophagus).

  • We have discovered novel biomarkers that illuminate the carcinogenic proteomic milieu that leads to an increase in cellular proliferation, invasion, cell-death defense, migration, and cell survival in progressing esophageal diseases.

  • Our data will better inform gastroenterologists, oncologists and pathologists of the molecular expression trends indicative of disease stability or progression and carcinogenesis.

Inform physicians of the biomarkers playing a role in the pathogenesis of GERD, Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer early in the patient’s treatment plan to extend or even save lives.

To establish a research-based organization offering clinically actionable diagnostic panels specific to the current disease state of a patient’s distal esophagus.